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The Sparql PORTAL (SPORTAL) collects information about the content of public SPARQL endpoints by directly querying them about their content. The information successfully collected from endpoints is added to the catalogue that you can search or browse above. Use the class or property search function to find public SPARQL endpoints that mention that class or property, ordered by the number of instances/triples (where available). Use the endpoint search function to find out all the information available about an endpoint. If you wish to do something more complete, visit the SPARQL Endpoint tab above to pose custom queries against the SPORTAL catalogue.

Note that the content of the catalogue presented herein may be partial or even incorrect. To be complete and correct, we would rely on public endpoints returning the correct answer to quite complex queries: in reality they may return exceptions, timeouts, partial results or (more rarely) incorrect counts (see the SPARQLES service, which focuses specifically on endpoint reliability and performance as opposed to content). As such, this catalogue should be considered best-effort rather than definitive.

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